April 25-26, 2020 EMG Florida Course Pass

This technical course and workshop format includes didactic presentations, technical demonstrations, nerve conductions and needle EMG videos, and discussions and workshops in a group setting to ensure optimal learning and participation. Participants will have the opportunity to interact directly with faculty during these discussions and hands-on demonstrations. All levels welcome. More info

September 28-29. 2019 Course Pass - TMS 101: How to Start and Build a Successful TMS Practice - Fort Lauderdale

For additional information, including testimonials, hotel and airline reservations, speakers and more - click here. More info

EMG Machine + Practice Setup

  • Focus EMG Machine w/Laptop
  • Electrodes & Supplies
  • Training guides & manuals
  • Everything you need to get started
  • Ships in 3-5 business days!
  • Available to US-based CloudEMG customers only. Please contact us for more information.
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NCV Electrodes 15 pack

The Neuroline® Solid Gel sensory and motor surface electrode features a high quality silver/silver chloride sensor for optimal signal quality. The transparent sensor area enables you to easily locate the examination target area. The electrode comprises a skin friendly solid-gel that allows you to reposition the electrode several times during the whole study without losing the adhesive power. Each pack is enough for four patients. 715 12 - 120cm/45. More info

Needle Electrodes 2 Boxes (40 sets/box)

Neuroline® monopolar needle electrodes are made of PTFE coated stainless steel and feature an ultra-sharp, conical tip, which ensures low friction at the point of insertion. This, in turn, provides significantly improved patient comfort. There are 40 Single Patient Needles per Box. 743 38-36 - 38mm/1.5" length - .36mm/28G caliber More info

SSEP Cup Electrodes 15 pack (10 sets/pack)

The Ambu Neuroline Cup electrode is specially designed for clinical EEG, EP and PSG examinations. The Ambu Neuroline Single Patient Cup electrode provides consistent and superior signal quality as well as greater convenience.

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Ambu Blue Sensor Tabs 8 packs (100/pack)

There are 100 Blue Sensor Tabs per Pack. Works with the Alligator Clips Shielded Cable. BS-TAB-2300/100 More info

Alligator Clips Shielded Cable 1 m (39") - 5 Pin Male Din Plug

Cut down on the interference in your sensory nerve conductions and needle exam studies. This is a 1 m (39") long cable with a 5 Pin Male Din Plug. More info

CloudEMG DuraGrip Stimulator

This is an easy to handle durable stimulator that requires no special training to use, and can even stimulate with felt tip pads (no need for gel) as well as stainless steel knobs. It is easy to hold and virtually unbreakable. More info

The Nerve Conduction Training DVD

Learn how to perform Nerve Conduction Studies like a Pro! Learn the upper and lower extremity Nerves & Muscles anatomy, Nerve Conduction and Stimulation setups, what results should you expect, the shape of sensory and motor waveforms, pitfalls and common errors you should watch for. This is a complete Nerve Conductions course. More info

The Needle EMG Training DVD

Perform Basic Needle EMG Studies like a Pro! Learn upper and lower extremity muscle anatomy, muscle localization techniques, Needle EMG insertion tips and view needle examination of upper and lower extremity muscles as well as the Cervical; and Lumbo-Sacral paraspinals. See and hear EMG waveforms. More info

Online Training

Schedule a one on one training session with one of our EMG technicians. Let them show you how to perform Nerve Conduction studies and EMG Needle Exam anywhere you have an internet connection and on your own schedule. Our trainers will tailor your program to your exact learning needs. Recommended 4 hours for either Nerve Conduction or EMG Needle instruction and 8 hours for both. All levels welcome. Registered CloudEMG customers only. More info